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MIT ACM/IEEE represents the student branch for two international organizations, the Association for Computing Machinery and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. MIT ACM/IEEE plans different events and activities for the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) Department at MIT, better known as Course VI. These activities include research panels and discussions, group trips (e.g. Museum of Science, IMAX), Faculty Dinners for students, study breaks, and other exciting events.

We're made up of a set of officers on the Executive Board as well as a general membership. Membership is as easy as sending a bit of information about yourself to us. For details, check out the membership page.

Our club also manages a couple of community-building programs - URGE brings students together for discussion of technical papers in casual reading groups, the Six Cents program sponsors research and travel for deserving individuals, 6.Insight is a jointly-held seminar series, and 6.570 is a new mobile apps development competition. For more details on each of these programs, go to our Programs page.

News & Updates

March 7, 2013

We have a lot of exciting events planned for this semester, including a General Body Meeting on 3/14 from 5:30-6:30 PM (location TBD), and joint events with local startups!


  • Q: What does IEEE/ACM stand for?
  • A: IEEE stands for the Institue of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (and read as "I-Triple-E"), which is an international professional society founded in 1963 for "advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity." While mainly centered around electrical fields (electrical engineering and computer science), this non-profit society is made up of over 400,000 members from disciplines ranging from mathematics to biologists to physicists. ACM stands for the Association for Computing Machinery, which claims the title of "world's largest educational and scientific computing society." Founded in 1947, it now includes almost 100,000 members focused on computing and advancing the field both as a science and a profession. Both of these societies maintain extensive publications and libraries of information, and sponsor numerous conferences around the world.
  • Q: What does MIT IEEE/ACM do?
  • A: We are a group whose goal is to promote a sense of community within Course 6 (MIT's Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science), provide social and intellectual events that work for the undergraduate body, and sponsor various students and groups seeking to advance their research. Throughout the year we hold a number of events that you can check out on the Events tab. There are also a few programs that we sponsor that you can read about on the Programs tab.
  • Q: That sounds like fun; how do I get involved?
  • A: In addition to the set of officers on the Executive Board, there is a general membership available, free for all MIT undergraduates and graduates. It is a great way to stay informed on upcoming club activities, and we're always looking for new faces to help out with our events and programs.