The MIT IEEE/ACM Club represents the student branch for two professional international organizations, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). Our mission is to create and support a tight-knit community among the students, mainly undergraduates, and faculty in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) at MIT.


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First General Body Meeting!

27 Sep 2015

Thanks to all of those who attended our meeting Wednesday September 16th!

To those who couldn't make it, you missed out on tons of pizza, good salsa music, and of course, an introduction to what IEEE/ACM is at MIT and our different events and subcommittees. 

But no worries, here's a brief summary of what we talked about and for more information you can check out the slides we used.

One of the main points announced in the meeting is our increased collaboration with HKN (Eta Kappa Nu), the Course 6 Honor Society, for this year. We'll be working closely with HKN to strengthen the course 6 community with a series of talks, conferences, peer assistance to course 6 students, and other events.

Learn more about HKN here.

Voltage is one of our subcommittees that aims to build a stronger and more cohesive EE student community. Voltage hosts study breaks and other events to target the 6-1 community. They will also be hosting EE Expo on October 16th. The Expo will include faculty and company presentations, as well as internship and research position networking opportunities exclusively for freshmen and sophomores!

Learn more about Voltage and EE expo by visiting their website.

Another exciting event coming up on November 7-8th is the first annual MIT IEEE Undergraduate Research Conference, where students will be able to present their research, attend technical sessions and keynotes, win prizes, and much more! The conference will be a great opportunity for students to interact with industry experts and their peers in an encouraging setting, so be sure to check it out here.

6# organizes events such as internship panels, bi-weekly prep sessions and internship mixers to help course 6 students navigate the internship search process, interview, and find people in the same area as them over the summer.

6# and HKN will be hosting an internship panel tomorrow, Monday September 28th, so come and learn about other students' experiences in various companies and roles.

MITOS (MIT Open Source Club) helps students get involved with open source projects by:

  • Connecting students to others interested in contributing.
  • Connecting students with project contributors and mentors.
  • Helping students open source their own projects.

Learn more about MITOS here.

Code for Good, 6.S187, is a 6 unit IAP class that allows students to work with nonprofits on inpactful computer science projects. Code for Good is looking for organizers! You could:

  • Find and interview potential nonprofits.
  • Work on design and publicity.
  • Help with the logistics and expansion of an IAP class.

Be on the lookout for IAP 2016 applications and learn more about Code for Good on their website.

We also host URGE, Undergraduate Reading Group Experience, where students:

  • Read technical papers with other undergraduates.
  • Learn how to read technical papers.
  • Choose the topics.

Dinner will be provided in the meetings! Last year, URGE focused on machine learning.

The goal of MIT IEEE/ACM is to help Course 6 students successfully navigate Course 6, MIT, and life beyond the undergraduate realm.

Some of our initiatives are:

  • Train and organize Peer Counselors.
  • Organize the AUS Blitz.
  • Bring alumni back to MIT to build students' networks and provide insight.
  • Provide resources for more informed course planning.

MIT IEEE/ACM also hosts various faculty dinners 

We will also be hosting various faculty dinners and social hours (we do anything from burritos to froyo!)

If you're interested in learning more about IEEE/ACM or getting involved, shoot us an email at or check out or Facebook page: MIT IEEE ACM Course 6 Student Group.

We're also selling lovely Course 6 IEEE/ACM shirts, which you can contact us about!

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