The MIT IEEE/ACM Club represents the student branch for two professional international organizations, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

    Our mission is to create and support a tight-knit community among the students and faculty in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) at MIT.


    Our chapter consists of an executive board dedicated to making sure you feel welcome. We prioritize your engagement by connecting freshmen to upperclassmen, undergraduates to faculty, and applicants to prospective internships.

    Get involved with all things course 6 and beyond by coming to our events! You'll meet students who are just as passionate as you are in the diverse color spectrum that is course 6 as well as professors and leaders in the field.


    We host events all throughout the year and our highlights include:

    Discover Course 6

    Big-Little Events

    Study Breaks and Game Nights

    Pset Parties

    Fireside Chats with Professors

Our Subcommittees


URTC brings together undergraduates around the world to present and discuss solutions to advance technology.


Voltage organizes events for the undergraduate EE community that allow students, faculty, alumni, and industry to interact.

Women in EECS

Our mission is to build a community for women in EECS that supports, encourages, and empowers them to succeed


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Dinner with Professor Hal Abelson!
IEEE/ACM Big Little Mixer!
Discover Course 6!
Cookies and Cocoa Study Break!
Cookies and Cane's Study Break!
Freshman Finals Study Break!
Dinner with Dr Joe Steinmeyer!
Flour Study Break!
Pizza Study Break!
Dinner with Dr Justin Solomon!

Upcoming Events

Event Calendar

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Our Executive Team

Kevin Sun Chen

President Class of 2023

Ophelia Zhu

Vice President Class of 2023

Jiahai Feng

Secretary Class of 2023

Amy Li

Treasurer Class of 2024

Eugenia Feng

Treasurer Class of 2024

Amy Hu

Social Chair Class of 2024

Sophie Zhang

Social Chair Class of 2024

Eva Yi Xie

Publicity Chair Class of 2024

Olivia Han

Publicity Chair Class of 2025

Timmy Dang

Faculty Relations Chair Class of 2024

Karen Lei

Faculty Relations Chair Class of 2025

Julia Xia

Webmaster Class of 2024

Linda Chen

Webmaster Class of 2025

Stella Ahn

Historian Class of 2025

Anna Yang

Historian Class of 2025

Anushka Naiknaware

Freshman Representative Class of 2025

Crystal Liang

Freshman Representative Class of 2025

Tammy Chen

URTC Co-chair Class of 2024

So Hee Ahn

Voltage Co-chair Class of 2022

Reed Foster

Voltage Co-chair Class of 2022

Meenakshi Singh

WiEECS Co-President Class of 2023

Sabrina Meng

WiEECS Co-President Class of 2024

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